One-Minute Business Videos

Welcome to my Resource Page for businesses. I’m building a library of quick video tips to help grow your business.
Each video is focused on a single, important topic and typically just about one-minute long. It’s a great way to get some business wisdom in a hurry.
Enjoy these and watch for more videos to be added soon.
Thanks –
Tim Anderson
Shawn Kinkade, Founder/President and Chris Steinlage, Principal, of Aspire Business Development
provide hands-on, experienced-based coaching to help businesses reach the next level.
Here they provide some quick tips to help move your business forward.
Jim Grant, owner of the digital marketing agency Simply Creative Media, provides insights on how to
“Get Found, Get Social, Get Beautiful on the Web.”  Building a great looking website is just the first step.
See what Jim has to say about making sure your site has maximum impact.
Shawn Russel, owner of Red Star Marketing, provides insights on how to best
market your dental practice. See what Shawn has to say about budgeting, avoiding pitfalls,
and the future of Dental Marketing
Jeff Miner, founder of the Triumph Program, provides insights on how to
overcome our fears and self-limiting beliefs, live life to its fullest
and achieve personal and professional success
Jessica Lyonford, founder of Project More Happy, talks about the role happiness plays
in allowing us to find personal and professional success,
enjoy life to its fullest and be a positive force in the lives of others