About Us

I'm a one-man-shop. This means I’m with you every step of the way, from concept creation/scripting, to location selection/filming, through final tweaking/editing. Need a big crew and lots of people with their fingers in the pie? I’m probably not your guy.

Want a one-on-one partnership to create your video in a relaxed setting? Let’s talk!

Our Team

Tim Icelandic Horse


Travel Coordinator

Time away from the home/office is rare, but Timothy is the man to make it memorable. 10 days circumnavigating Iceland, waterfalls and fjords around every corner, topped off by a personal visit with a beautiful Icelandic horse… Well done, Timothy, well done.    

Tim Icelandic Horse

Tim Anderson


I love being on video shoots. But, let's be honest, something always goes wrong: The A/C goes out, you forget how to talk (we can fix this), I forget my camera (give it a rest, people, it was one time!)

It's great fun tapping into on-the-spot flexibility and creativity to wind up with a video we all like.

Are you ready? Let's do this! 

Tim Icelandic Horse


Hands-On Helper

We knew early on that running a "one-man-shop" required flexibility and innovation. Stephen fit the bill and has been with us from the start. Whether keeping QuickBooks in order, handling emails and billing, or making sure the great outdoors doesn’t overreach, Stephen is a vital part of the team.  

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